Best Law Firms in Spain



Best Law Firms in Spain

Today we are going to reveal, according to different media outlets, what are THE BEST LAW FIRMS IN SPAIN. Unlike other media, our assessment of which are THE BEST LAW FIRMS IN SPAIN, is not based on our own criteria or opinion (that would not be objective), since it could well be biased, but rather it is supported by the criteria of different media. 

It seems very interesting, or rather, advisable, that we ask ourselves before searching; which are the BEST LAW FIRMS IN SPAIN, what type of law firm is it, the one we need. That is the first step we must take. If we have a criminal problem, we will look for a criminal lawyer. If the problem is labor-related, then we will need a labor specialist. 


Criminal law

Take the example; If we have a serious criminal problem, logically we will look for the best criminal lawyer in Spain, Is not true?. For this, we consider that they are the BEST LAW FIRMS IN SPAIN, in criminal law at RINBER CRIMINAL LAWYERS

But today we are here, trying to report on what the majority of the media affirm in their studies about, what are the BEST LAW FIRMS IN SPAIN. Doing a search on the internet, focusing on what they are THE BEST LAW FIRMS IN SPAIN, Google offers us the following results that seem striking to us: 

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Let's start with what are the BEST LAW FIRMS IN SPAIN, by subject. Let's start with Criminal Law. (RINBER). 

Apart from rankings of lawyers, which we will now mention, prestigious newspapers or periodicals, such as “el confidential digital”, also echoes the prestige within the field of criminal law, of RINBER ABOGADOS, led by JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, having published an article in this sense, with the headline: “RECOGNITION OF THE BEST CRIMINAL FOLLOWERS IN SPAIN”. To give another example, the legal journal, “ECONOMIST AND JURIST”, also echoes the successes of these criminal lawyers in its article: “THE SECRET TO BE AMONG THE BEST LAWYERS IN SPAIN”. One last example. WORLD DIARY: “television channels make criminal lawyers fashionable”. 

Once the specialty of criminal law has been resolved, we are going to present those who we consider BEST LAW FIRMS IN SPAIN, at the “Macro law firms” level. 

Business Law

Within the macro offices, where they cover many specialties in Malaga, we consider BEST LAW FIRMS IN SPAIN, leads us to focus on 3 offices: GARRIGUES, URIA and ERNTS AND YOUNG. These macro offices, apart from criminal law and family law, control the rest of the matters that we have proposed to them.

Family Law

In the rest of the subjects, from our point of view, the BEST LAW FIRMS IN SPAIN, give way to the huge number of small law firms that control such common and important matters as family law, related to divorces, modifications of measures, etc., and on the other hand, matters related to civil liability, where We are referring to claims for compensation arising from traffic accidents and work accidents.

We hope to have helped you in locating the BEST LAW FIRMS IN SPAIN, by subjects. 

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