Best Drug Trafficking Lawyer 2023


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Next you will see our list of the Best Drug Trafficking Lawyer in 2023, but before… 

Do you want to know the best lawyers for drug trafficking?The best criminal defense of crimes against public health?. But.. 

It seems reasonable to begin by knowing the criminal type of drug trafficking itself. In Spain, within our criminal code, it is included in articles three hundred and sixty-eight and following.

The range of sentences could range from being considered possession, as intended for self-consumption, (in such a way that it would not be penalized), to a significant number of years in prison. Everything depends on a huge casuistry, which will be studied in a separate article. 

Here we try, objectively, to RECOMMEND you, in whose hands you should put yourself if you or a family member is accused of a crime against public health. There are many lawyers who are dedicated to this matter within criminal law.

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It is true that we also believe that a specialist (who is not known as a drug lawyer) is better than one who is solely dedicated to public health issues. "Cesar's wife, not only has to be, but also look like it," and we explained. If we hire a lawyer who only handles drug matters, well, the impression, in some cases, is not the most recommendable, really. For this reason, it is preferable to hire a criminal specialist, who knows the ins and outs of this type of matter, than one who has the sign of "drug lawyer", (with all due respect). 

Best Drug Trafficking Lawyer 2023

Next we are going to recommend some, of which we consider, THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN, which also can make for you a defense of GUARANTEES in the criminal defense of an accusation for a crime against public health. 


As NUMBER 1 of our list, we place the famous criminal lawyers, JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, (brothers), and directors of RINBER ABOGADOS. They are not, in any case, considered drug lawyers. In fact, they do not accept more than a certain number of issues of this type per year. No more. Prestigious criminal lawyers. They exercise defense and accusation throughout the national territory. Closeness, professionalism and knowledge of the law. accessible. It is easy to find your personal phones on the internet. They serve directly. Main office in Malaga, with offices in Granada and Madrid. As soon as you search the internet, you can see that their professional careers are full of successes. 



As number 2 on our list, we place the law firm of Mr. Manuel Estevez, which coordinates two law firms, specializing in criminal law, being one of the subjects that he works on, issues related to drug trafficking. Extensive professional experience, more than 20 years of experience. We know, because we have corroborated it in different publications and newspapers that D. Manuel, has obtained important professional successes throughout the entire national geography. 



As number 3 on our list, we rank the law firm blackberry gallant, which combines criminal defense in drug trafficking matters, with other matters related to criminal law, and other branches of law. This is a multidisciplinary firm, made up of lawyers with proven competence. 



With number 4, we consider that we should place the law firm of D. CARLOS CASTEL, about which we have received interesting references. This is a criminal lawyer, recognized for his work, accustomed to dealing with criminal law matters, and matters related to drug trafficking. 


Finally, with number 5, we understand that we must place the law firm of CARRASCO ADVOCATS, this is a multidisciplinary firm, with success stories in criminal matters. 

Best Drug Trafficking Lawyer 2023


Many are called, and few are chosen. As in any other profession, if you carry too many, you "burn out". The worst that can happen is to choose a lawyer who is only dedicated to that matter and that judges and/or prosecutors have the "San Benito" of a drug lawyer on him. This type of defense does not benefit anything. It is preferable to choose a good criminal lawyer, (as we are now going to recommend, 5 offices), and let them work. 


It is one of the main crimes that are discussed in our country, which needs the defense of criminal lawyers who know perfectly what are the best defense strategies to achieve the best result for the client, says JAVIER RINCÓN, a nationally renowned criminal lawyer. 


The drug criminal lawyer must be a professional, who must know how to measure the limits between what is reasonable (as a goal of success), what is unreasonable or unattainable. There are cases in which an all-out defense of the innocence of the client, and you have to try to dismantle the accusation, from a procedural point of view, or try to reach an agreement that means that the client does not have to go to prison, says MANUEL RINCÓN, director of RINBER LAWYERS, and criminal lawyer. 


The defense of the crime of drug trafficking has three possible paths. Free acquittal, due to lack of evidence. The file of the cause, or release, for having committed procedural defects, which prevent the conviction of the client or in the worst scenario, trying to get a reasonable agreement that prevents the client from going to prison, says JAVIER RINCÓN, director of RINBER ABOGADOS and a lawyer specializing in criminal defense. 


By qualified type of drug trafficking we understand cases that allow us to sentence a custodial sentence to a lower degree, taking into account a series of circumstances that are favorable to the defendant. It all depends on the case in question.

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