Best crime threats lawyer



Best crime threats lawyer

Micro specialization leads us to try to search, concretely, not only for best criminal lawyer in Spain, if not, at best lawyer crime threats, for a case related to this crime. 

To specify what the legal regulation of this type of crime is, we have contacted the best crime lawyer threats Spain, who is Manuel Rincón Bernal, director of RINBER ABOGADOS, who is considered one of the most important lawyers in the country in the criminal field. 

Manuel, being considered, as he is, the best crime threat lawyer Spain, What is the legal regulation of the crime of threats in the Penal Code? The legal regulation of crimes of threats in the Spanish Penal Code is found in articles 169 to 171 of the Penal Code. These articles define and punish threats as a crime against moral integrity. Here I provide you with a summary of the most relevant aspects of this regulation:

Best crime threats lawyer
Best crime threats lawyer

Article 169:

This article establishes that anyone who threatens another person with causing harm that constitutes a serious crime commits a crime of threats. It is important to note that the threat must be serious enough to be considered a crime.

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Article 170:

This article establishes that if the threat is made with the purpose of obtaining an economic advantage or benefit, the penalty for the crime of threats will be more serious.

Article 171:

This article refers to conditional threats and establishes that, if the threat is conditional and the threatened evil is not carried out, the person responsible for the crime can be exempt from punishment if he proves that he did everything possible to prevent the threat from being carried out. .

Manuel, being considered, as he is, the best crime threat lawyer SpainWhat is the criminal charge for this crime? The penalties for the crime of threats vary depending on the severity of the threat and the specific circumstances of the case. They can include fines or imprisonment, with more serious penalties for threats for financial gain.

It is important to note that the interpretation and application of these legal provisions may vary depending on the circumstances and court decisions. 

Manuel, being considered, as he is, the best crime threat lawyer SpainDoes this crime usually occur together with others? It is true that in many cases the crime of threats can be committed in conjunction with other crimes. Threats are often used as a means to coerce or intimidate someone into committing another crime or to achieve an illegal objective. Some examples of situations where threats may be accompanied by other crimes include:

crime of robbery with violence or intimidation:

If someone threatens another person with physical harm or serious harm to force them to hand over their belongings, this may constitute robbery with violence or intimidation.


Extortion involves threatening to reveal compromising or harmful information about someone unless a demand, such as giving money or other property, is met. Threats are a fundamental part of this crime.


In cases of harassment, threats can be a form of repeated and systematic harassment towards a person, and can be accompanied by other acts that constitute crimes such as injury or moral damage.

Crime Domestic violence:

In the context of the domestic violence, threats can be a common component. If combined with physical assault or other violent acts, they can lead to additional charges.


In cybercrimes such as cyberbullying or hacking, online threats can accompany other illegal acts, such as unauthorized access to computer systems.

Manuel, being considered, as he is, the best crime threat lawyer SpainHow does aggravation operate when there are several crimes? In these cases, threats are considered an aggravating circumstance that can increase the severity of the charges and penalties. It is important to remember that each case is unique and is analyzed individually by the authorities and courts. Legal consequences may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each situation, and it is essential to have appropriate legal advice if you find yourself involved in a case where the threats are related to other crimes.

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