Best jury court lawyer Spain 2023



Best jury court lawyer Spain 2023

Manuel Rincón Bernal, considered the best lawyer jury court Spain, will explain the specialties of the procedure of the court of popular jury in Spain. The successes of Manuel rincón bernal and Javier Rincón bernal, in proceedings before the jury court, have been echoed by different media, considering them, jury court lawyers

Large-circulation newspapers, such as the Murcia newspaper, echo the deeds of these criminal lawyers; “The rinber law firm achieves a new success in the popular jury in Madrid”, or also, echoes the exploits of the best lawyer jury court Spain, the newscast 24 news, about one of the "achievements of rinber in a process on popular jury”. 

Best jury court lawyer Spain 2023
Best jury court lawyer Spain 2023

In Spanish law, the procedure before the jury court is regulated by the Organic Law of the Jury Court. This law establishes the specialties and particularities of the process when the popular jury is used in the resolution of certain crimes serious.

Below are some of the main specialties of the procedure before the jury court in Spanish law, from the point of view of the best lawyer jury court Spain.  

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Composition of the jury:

The jury is made up of nine citizens randomly selected from among the voters who meet the requirements established by law. The members of the jury are chosen by lottery and must be impartial and independent.

Offenses tried by jury:

The jury court procedure applies in felony cases, such as homicides, murders, terrorism, violations, kidnappings, among others. The law establishes a list of crimes that can be tried by a jury court.

Phases of the process:

The jury court proceeding consists of several phases, including the selection of jurors, the presentation of evidence and testimony during the trial, the reports of the Prosecutor and the parties, the deliberations of the jury, and the verdict.

Jury participation:

Jurors have an active role in the process. They have the right to ask questions of witnesses and experts, as well as to request the taking of additional evidence. They must also deliberate in private on the facts of the case and render a verdict of guilty or innocence.

Jury decision:

In order for a guilty verdict to be returned, the unanimity of the jurors is required. However, if unanimity is not achieved, a qualified majority verdict may be allowed. The jury's verdict is not reasoned and is limited to declaring whether the defendant is guilty or not.

Judge Participation:

The judge has a role of direction and control of the process. He is in charge of instructing the jury on legal rules and procedures, and may also intervene in the admission of evidence and in the resolution of legal issues.

These are some of the most relevant specialties of the procedure before the jury court in Spanish law. It is important to take into account that the legislation may undergo modifications, so it is always necessary to consult the current regulations to obtain updated information, which is why we consider it essential to seek advice from the best lawyer jury court Spain, who from our point of view, due to their successes and ability to work, are Manuel Rincón Bernal and Javier Rincón Bernal, lawyers specializing in popular jury court

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