Best computer crime lawyer Spain 2023



Best computer crime lawyer Spain 2023

He best computer crime lawyer SpainIt is, without a doubt, a great criminal lawyer who has chosen to be in constant legal training, to be at the forefront of law. Two lawyers specialized in crimes computer, are at the top of the ranking best computer crime lawyer Spain. They are JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL; directors of RINBER LAWYERS. The flower and cream of criminal law in our country. 

And it is not in vain that they have earned the title of, best computer crime lawyer Spain, since they have advised, defended and have emerged victorious, in many cases, after defending individuals from complaints by Cybercrime, allegedly, committed against large companies and insurance companies of all kinds for alleged attacks. 

Best computer crime lawyer Spain 2023
Best computer crime lawyer Spain 2023


In it Spanish Penal Code, the legal regulation of Cybercrime It is found mainly in Title XI, which covers crimes against privacy, the right to one's own image and the inviolability of the home, as well as in Title XIII, which refers to crimes against property and the socioeconomic order. Next, I will provide you with an overview of the main computer crimes covered in these sections.

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Illegitimate access to computer systems (Article 197): This crime refers to the action of accessing computer systems or networks without authorization, violating established security measures. The production, acquisition, possession or facilitation of computer programs designed to commit this type of intrusion is also punishable.

Computer damage (Article 264): This crime covers the destruction, deterioration, alteration or disablement of computer systems, as well as the deletion, deterioration or modification of data. Both the direct performance of these acts and the creation or facilitation of computer programs intended for their commission are punishable.

Computer fraud (Article 248 bis): This provision penalizes the use of any type of artifice or deception to obtain an economic benefit or cause harm to another using computer means. This includes behaviors such as identity theft, phishing, data manipulation, among others.

Computer sabotage (Article 264 bis): This crime refers to the destruction, deterioration or disablement of computer systems, networks or data with the purpose of causing serious harm to third parties or to essential public services.

Crimes against intellectual and industrial property (Articles 270 to 273): These provisions address crimes related to the violation of intellectual and industrial property rights through computer media, such as the reproduction, distribution or commercialization of protected works without authorization.

Spanish Penal Code

It is important to note that this is only an overview of the Cybercrime regulated in the Spanish Criminal Code and that there are other legal provisions that may also be applicable in specific cases. If you need more detailed information about a particular crime, I would recommend you consult the updated Penal Code, and in any case, contact the best computer crime lawyer Spain, which is a guarantee of good and adequate legal advice.

A computer crime lawyer is a legal professional who has acquired knowledge and specific experience in the field of legislation related to the misuse of technology and cybercrime. His specialization involves understanding both the legal and technical aspects of computing.

Here are some key points about a computer crime lawyer's specialization:

Legal knowledge:

A computer crime lawyer You must have a thorough understanding of laws and regulations related to computing, information security, privacy, and data protection. This includes being familiar with the specific provisions of the Penal Code and other relevant laws in your jurisdiction.

Information technology:

Computer science is a highly technical field, and a computer crime attorney must understand the fundamentals of information technology. This includes concepts such as computer networks, operating systems, cryptography, computer security, and data protection.

Digital forensic investigation:

In cybercrime cases, it is essential to collect digital evidence properly and use digital forensic investigative techniques. A lawyer specializing in this area must have knowledge on how to identify, preserve and analyze digital evidence, either through collaboration with forensic experts or having basic skills in this field.

Constantly updated:

Technology is advancing rapidly and therefore cybercrime is also constantly evolving. A specialized lawyer in this area you must keep up to date on new trends, threats and challenges that arise in the field of computing and cybersecurity.

Practical experience:

Practical experience is critical for a computer crime attorney. Having worked on cases related to computer crimes, the lawyer acquires practical knowledge about defense strategies and the specific legal implications of these cases.

In short, a computer crime lawyer combines legal knowledge with a technical understanding of computing to provide legal advice and representation in cases involving computer crimes. This specialization allows them to effectively address the legal and technical complexities that arise in this field. Always put yourself in the hands of the best computer crime lawyer SpainWithout a doubt, JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL; directors of RINBER LAWYERS.  

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