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Are you looking for the best law firm in Malaga 2023?. At the risk of falling into the classic error that my mother corrected me, "A question is never answered with another question", Why do you need the smallest law firm in Malaga?, and let me explain, with an example if you allow me: When you need a surgeon, do you go looking for a gynecologist? Then, when you need the best criminal lawyer from Malaga, Why don't you directly look for the best criminal law firm in Malaga?. Well that. Begin, (if you allow me my humble advice, out there), with the specific specialty that your problem demands. So, that way you will gain a lot. 

Malaga capital, and above all, Malaga center, has a concentration of lawyers per square meter, at the level of cities like Madrid or Barcelona, which is why the list of lawyers in Malaga center, it could well be endless from any point of view, when what really matters is to synthesize as much as possible, which is what we intend to do here.



With no margin for possible errors, and without the slightest desire to err on the side of "chauvinism", (of looking at our navels, we would say in Andalusia), Malaga has always had large law firms. That is so, and it is unquestionable. But, (allow me to be a little “jinny cricket”), let me ask you a question; Your problem, yes, your problem, Do you demand the services of large law firms in Malaga?. I don't know, that is a question that I transfer to you. 

Look how large law firms in Malaga, (and by large, I mean size), we have large firms in Malaga, of national implantation: GARRIGUES either CUATRECASAS

Are you looking for a lawyer specialized in Criminal Law?

we help you find a criminal lawyer.
We have a wide network of collaborating lawyers in all Spain.

The large law firms in Malaga, they are MAINLY FOCUSED ON ISSUES RELATED TO BUSINESSES, (Business Law), and THEY USUALLY ESCAPE PERSONAL LAW and LAWSUITS OF PERSONS or BETWEEN PERSONS. Therefore, if you have a criminal problem, a divorce, an accident, work, from our point of view it is better to choose a lawyer in Malaga, with a smaller office, to put it correctly. 

Let me also tell you that to have a great professional service, you don't need one of the great law firms in Malaga. notice; he LIST OF LAWYERS IN MALAGA, goes for more than nine or ten thousand collegiate lawyers, (according to a source from the Illustrious Malaga Bar Association), Do you think that in this list of lawyers in Malaga, you will not find the best lawyer?. The answer is obvious. Of course. 

Well, now focused on the issue, we can start with the "MILLION EURO QUESTION"... 

Best Law Firm in Malaga 2023
Best Law Firm in Malaga 2023


We have already anticipated that the first thing we must identify is the type of problem we are facing, that is, the specialty. Once the specialty has been identified, we look for the specialist lawyer in MalagaWhat kind of lawyer do I need?What kind of lawyers are there?How many types of lawyers are there?Which lawyer can help you the most in your case?How do I know what kind of lawyer I need? These are some of the questions that we will briefly answer below. 

And I insist again that you should look for a lawyer specializing in the matter you need. So then, the next question, it turns out, insurmountable... 


It is logical. Search at best lawyer in Malaga, specialist in your specific problem. In that matter of law where we have identified the problem. That is the path to success. Logically, from my point of view, it is much more reasonable to look for a specialist lawyer, in civil, criminal, labor or commercial matters, than one who is a generalist, since with all due respect, each matter of law is what wide enough, to the point that, each one of them, is, almost from every point of view, incomprehensible, as to try to dominate several branches of law at the same time. Is that a question, (in my humble opinion), impossible. 


There are as many specialties of lawyers as there are branches of law. I believe that we should select lawyers by specialties. The most common specialties are: Criminal Law, civil law, labor law, commercial law, among others, (these are the most common), but later, within these, and depending on the type of problems you may face, we can find others such as, for example, specialists in traffic accidents, specialists in divorces, criminal lawyers from Malaga, labor lawyers, etc. 

Next we are going to select, from our point of view, which are the BEST LAW FIRMS IN MALAGAfor specific subjects. 


The first place as the best criminal lawyers in Malaga, we give it to JAVIER RINCON BERNAL and his brother MANUEL RINCON BERNAL, both directors of RINBER LAWYERS, who in addition to having a professional career of more than twenty years of experience, are used to holding very important criminal trials and media coverage, throughout the national geography. So, from my humble point of view, these are the ones that I would recommend for a criminal matter in Malaga. 


For family law matters, such as BEST DIVORCE ATTORNEYWithout a doubt, the professional trajectory of ARACELI MARTINEZ DEL CAMPO, it is faultless. Specialist in family law, he runs his office together with his daughter, also a lawyer, and a worthy successor to the throne that his mother currently occupies. Both are brilliant. 


For matters related to TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS, we have to stay with two law firms, as references in Malaga capital. The law firm of CARLOS MEDIAN and the one of MANUEL TEMBOURY MORENOIn addition to being specialists in the material, they are only dedicated to this specific matter. This is what we were talking about before about “micro specialization”. 

In contentious-administrative matters, it would directly count on EDUARDO MARTIN SERRANO, professor at the school of legal practice, (professor of lawyers), for any matter related to administration, (lawyer specializing in administrative litigation Malaga). He is a leader in the field in Malaga.  

Now we are going to answer a series of questions, that although we have already been answering, I want them to be resolved, even telegraphically: What kind of lawyer do I need?, The answer to this question is simple, a specialist in your specific matter What kind of lawyers are there?, As many as specialties How many types of lawyers are there?, as many as matters of law Which lawyer can help you the most in your case?, the one who is a specialist in your specific matter How do I know what kind of lawyer I need?, as we have commented, first identifying the problem, what it is, what matter it is, and then looking for a specialist. 


These questions raise the doubts of many people who contact us after reading our articles. Lawyers in Malaga city?Lawyers in Malaga center?, and the answer is what we have been giving throughout the present. A SPECIALIST IN YOUR SPECIFIC ISSUE. If, for example, you have a criminal court issue, RINBER LAWYERSIf it's a divorce, ARACELI MARTINEZ DEL CAMPO, who cares, from the capital or the center. The important thing is that you solve your problem.  

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