Best Homicide Lawyer in Spain 2023


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Best Homicide Lawyer in Spain 2023

The defense or the accusation of a crime of homicide is usually reserved for The best criminal lawyers in Spain. They are complex cases, covered in the media and of enormous tension that require cold blood and a deep knowledge of criminal law, which is only reserved for a small group of lawyers. 

Our experience in covering the legal news of courts throughout the national territory, allows us to know perfectly who the best homicide lawyer in Spain

It seems, in any case, opportune to locate the crime of homicide in the penal code. Specifically in the article 138 of the penal code.  

Best Homicide Lawyer in Spain 2023
Best Homicide Lawyer in Spain 2023

He crime of homicide in the Spanish Penal Code it is regulated in article 138 et seq. This article establishes that the crime of homicide is committed by someone who kills another person.

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The penalty for this crime is imprisonment of 10 to 15 years. However, this penalty can be aggravated in some cases, such as when the homicide is committed with treachery, cruelty, in order to hide another crime, or when it is committed against a particularly vulnerable person. In these cases, the sentence can be increased up to 25 years in prison.

There is also the possibility that the homicide be considered as a crime of murder, if the specific circumstances established in article 139 occur. In this case, the penalty can be reviewable permanent imprisonment or 25 to 35 years in prison.

It is important to note that the Spanish Penal Code establishes that the crime of homicide is only punishable when the death of a person has occurred. In cases where an attempt has been made to kill someone, but the person survives, it is considered a crime of murder in degree of attempt and the sentence can be reduced.

let's meet the best penalty shooters in Spain, for cases related to the crime of homicide. 

RINBER Lawyers

Three are the offices of criminal lawyers those that we place at the top of the ranking of the best homicide lawyer Spain. RINBER LAWYERS, (criminal law firm directed by javier corner AND manuel corner), considered among the best criminal lawyers in the country, and later we found it interesting to place the office of marcos garcia montes and of javier saavedra, for two reasons. Firstly, their experience, both are already over 70 years old, which does not seem to be a limit in any of the cases, and secondly, due to the importance of two matters (in the case of Marcos García Montes, the well-known crime of the Marquises of Urquijo, and in the case of Javier Saavedra, with the case of the defense of the Toni King affair), which were very relevant and media coverage. 

Marcos Garcia Montes

Marcos Garcia Montes
Marcos Garcia Montes

The "Crime of the Marquises of Urquijo" was a case of great media coverage in Spain in the 1990s. It concerns the murder of the Marquises of Urquijo, a wealthy couple from Madrid, who was found dead at their home in May of 1980.

The crime was perpetrated by a family employee, Emilio Rodríguez Menéndez, who had been hired by the marquises to manage their real estate businesses. Rodríguez Menéndez, who had been fired by the marquises a few months before the crime, entered their home and shot them both with a shotgun. Later, he tried to simulate a robbery in the house to divert suspicion.

The case was investigated by the Spanish police and justice for more than a decade. In 1991, Emilio Rodríguez Menéndez confessed his guilt in the crime and was sentenced to 71 years in prison.

The crime of the Marquises of Urquijo was one of the most shocking cases in Spanish criminal history due to the high social position of the victims and the involvement of a trusted employee in their murder.

javier saavedra

The murder of the young Spanish rally driver Laura Gómez Carabantes in August 2018 in Madrid. The suspect, Tony Alexander King, was arrested in September of that same year in Malaga, after it was discovered that he had an arrest warrant in force in the United Kingdom for other crimes.

Tony King, also known as Tony Bromwich or Tony Montana, is a British citizen who had previously been convicted of other crimes, including two murders and one rape in the UK. At the time of his arrest, he was living in Spain under a false identity.

After his arrest, King was extradited to the United Kingdom to serve time for the crimes he had committed there, including one of the murders for which he had been sentenced to life imprisonment. However, in relation to the murder of Laura Gómez Carabantes, King was not formally charged due to a lack of conclusive evidence.

The case of Laura Gómez Carabantes generated a great commotion in Spain due to the brutality of the crime and the identity of the suspect, who had previously been convicted of other serious crimes.

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