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Looking for the BEST DRUG TRAFFICKING LAWYERS?, if so, if you need a drug trafficking lawyer or to best drug trafficking lawyer in Spain, you are in the right place. How do we know who are the most EXPERT LAWYERS SPECIALIST IN DRUGS TRAFFICKING IN SPAIN?, we are going to explain it to you,… 

LEGAL INFORMATION is a publication, (as if it were a digital newspaper), SPECIALIZED IN CRIMINAL COURTS and TRIBUNALS. Basically, we report daily on the RESULT OF HUNDREDS OF CRIMINAL TRIAL IN EVERYTHING SPAIN. Logically, an important part are the criminal trials for drugs or drug trafficking, obvious.

Well, in our day to day life, we deal with many drug trafficking lawyers. There are lawyers who ONLY TAKE drug trials, (we do not usually recommend them and now we will tell you why), there are those that very rarely, make a drug trial, (which we also do not recommend, due to lack of experience), and those who, from time to time, do drug trafficking trials, they know how to process them brilliantly, but no one can say about them that they are DRUG LAWYERS, (and now we will tell you, what we understand as DRUG LAWYERS).  

As we mentioned before, for us, the BEST DRUG TRAFFICKING LAWYERS, are those who ARE FANTASTIC CRIMINAL LAWYERS, but no one can say that they defend a drug "clan", or that they are at the service of those who rule in drugs. 

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Best Drug Trafficking Lawyers
Best Drug Trafficking Lawyers

From this writing, we consider that the BEST DRUG TRAFFICKING LAWYERS, are JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, (Directors of RINBER ABOGADOS). These lawyers are considered among THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN 2021. They are GREAT CRIMINAL LAWYERS, but they are not drug lawyers. In fact, they only accept a number of drug cases a year, to avoid being identified as drug lawyers


We are going to tell you this question with an anecdote that happened to this JOURNALIST who subscribes to this article. “One day while having some beers, I ran into an investigating judge, and we started a conversation. He was referring to a case of a Mexican citizen who had appeared at the Barajas airport, full of cocaine, claiming to know nothing about the contents of his suitcase. At first, the Judge told me, why not believe it, to which I agreed. But then the Judge told me: “The Mexican didn't know anything about the suitcase, or the contents of the suitcase, but he did know how to locate a drug lawyer.

What a coincidence!!. The Mexican ended up in prison.” After I have told you this anecdote, you will understand that IT IS NOT VERY ADVISABLE TO STAND IN FRONT OF A JUDGE WITH A LAWYER KNOWN FOR CARRYING ON, ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY, MATTERS RELATED TO DRUG TRAFFICKING, RIGHT? I, personally, would never wear it. Drug lawyers are not usually the BEST DRUG TRAFFICKING LAWYERS. It is true that they can be drug specialists, but, let's say, they don't have a good poster in front of judges and prosecutors, and that, like everything, adds or subtracts, depending on how you see it. 

Best Drug Trafficking Lawyers

That is why we insist that, for us, the BEST DRUG TRAFFICKING LAWYERS, are those who ARE FANTASTIC CRIMINAL LAWYERS, but no one can say that they defend a drug "clan", or that they are at the service of those who rule in drugs, since in the end, THEY CAN HURT YOU MORE THAN BENEFIT YOU, BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ISSUE!! 

Attention also, from the humble point of view of this COURT JOURNALIST, for me, if I were involved in a criminal matter for drug trafficking, I would choose JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, (Directors of RINBER ABOGADOS), considered among THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS OF SPAIN 2021, by SUPERB CRIMINAL LAWYERS, but in Spain there are many criminal lawyers, very valid too. 

He drug trafficking crime, is a crime that is sometimes taken, if I may, a little lightly, thinking that, nothing happens. It's true, sometimes nothing happens, but you have to put yourself in expert hands to avoid problems. Surely, if you are looking for WHO ARE THE BEST DRUG TRAFFICKING LAWYERS IN SPAIN?, it is because possibly you or a family member of yours have gotten into a FAT “brown”, and are trying to search the best in Spain, to prevent your family member from going to prison or, where appropriate, to obtain PROVISIONAL FREEDOM FOR DRUG TRAFFICKING. I must tell you, we understand you.

Best Drug Trafficking Lawyers
Best Drug Trafficking Lawyers

Maybe you have received an offer from a lawyer kindly provided FREE by a friend of your family member or something like that. Be wary, because normally, they tend to look more for the organization or to cover up someone who is above their family member, than to defend their family member. That's how it is. It is for this reason that we insist that you locate a good criminal lawyer who knows how to defend matters related to the drug trafficking crime, but that does not serve any organization. 

I understand your state of “shock”. It is very unpleasant to receive a call informing you that a family member has been arrested for drug trafficking. Even more so, if nothing was known about our relative being related to drug trafficking matters. But, we have to be cold, and make the best decisions that benefit our family member, and the choice between THE BEST DRUG TRAFFICKING LAWYERS It is vital of necessity. 

I really hope that this article has been of interest to you. The conclusion I want to draw from this publication is simple: THE BEST DRUG TRAFFICKING LAWYERS They are FANTASTIC CRIMINAL LAWYERS, EVER DRUG LAWYERS, frowned upon, even by their own professional colleagues. Run away from these. 

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