Best Criminal Lawyers in Jaén 2023


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Although it may seem whimsical and easy, when one has a problem related to criminal law, finding a CRIMINAL LAWYER IN JAEN, is not a matter to be submitted to chance. It has taken us a long time to prepare this RANKING of the BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN JAEN 2,023. Maybe, lawyers in Jaen, there are many. Like everywhere. And as in all places, good and not so good. We, as court journalists, demand the following requirements from those who make up our list: That they be true SPECIALISTS, that their SUCCESS is PROVEN, (So that you can verify that our ranking is serious and objective), and that they are lawyers , CLOSE, FRIENDLY and ACCESSIBLE. 

Best Criminal Lawyers in Jaén 2023

Based on the proximity between Jaén and Granada, we have preferred to include in our list, some lawyers who, although they do not have physical headquarters in Jaén capital, (because they have it in Granada or in a town near Jaén), but who professional, they certainly are, the BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN JAEN 2,023

Well, without further delay we begin with our list. 



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Forty-six years. Lawyer exclusively dedicated to criminal law. CONSIDERED ONE OF THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN. Collaborator in television programs, of the most important networks in Spain: A3, (Antena 3), in the morning program of Susana Griso and also in RTVE, (Spanish Radio Television), in the morning program. In charge of exercising the defense and accusation of criminal matters, throughout the country. Close and reassuring lawyer. Serves customers at any time of the day. Fully committed to his affairs. It is easy to find their contact number on the internet. With a professional office in Granada, he attends from there the issues that arise in Jaén capital and province. 


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Partner and brother of the former. Criminal expert. Only works this branch of law. Together with Javier, Manuel Rincón, is recognized as ONE OF THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN. Always available. Easy to contact him, even on weekends and outside office hours. With his brother they have open offices in Malaga, Granada, (from where they attend to the matters entrusted to them in Jaén), and Madrid capital. 



64-year-old veteran lawyer from Jaén. He runs his own law firm located in the center of the city, where in addition to criminal law, matters from other branches of law are processed, such as labor law or commercial law. He finished his law degree in 1980. Member of the Illustrious Bar Association of Jaén, where he has even served as dean of the association. He has also been distinguished with different collegiate merits. A classic of Jaén law. 


Founder of the law firm that bears his last name as "saint and sign of it." Lawyer specialized in various branches of law. Within the branch that concerns us, criminal law stands out for the claim of damages, personal and material, (in traffic accidents), as well as for the claim of medical negligence. 


Founder of the firm that bears her last name. Lawyer specialized in different branches of law. Within the field of criminal law, he is a specialist in CLAIMING COMPENSATION FOR TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS. 



These two young lawyers stand out for their impeccable dedication and specialization in certain types of crimes within criminal law. His specialty is trials for crimes mild. Matters related to gender violence or domestic violence, and claim for compensation derived from TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS. 

It is true that, as we have been able to verify when making this list, that we have found ourselves in the capital of Jaén, with two problems when making this list of THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN JAEN 2021, (or rather three problems).

The first problem is the SHORTAGE of professionals EXCLUSIVELY dedicated to CRIMINAL LAW, in a unique way. All the firms that we have surveyed for their activity in courts are what are called multidisciplinary firms, that is to say, they deal with many types of issues (the same is a divorce, an accident, a dismissal, a murder), and that, well, we really don't like it very much.

When we make a list of what we think THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN JAEN 2021, we are interested in them being offices that are exclusively dedicated to criminal law. That is why we have had to pull, closely, from Granada, where the RINCÓN BROTHERS, (considered one of the best criminal lawyers in Spain), (Although for the 4th consecutive year, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023, they have been considered like this), with an office there, they deal with criminal matters in Jaén, and for that reason, without a doubt, in our opinion, they are number 1 and number 2, (although for them, this is the same), of THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN JAEN 2023.

The second problem that we have encountered is that, within the law firms that we have been able to compare, with significant activity in Jaén courts and tribunals, they limited themselves to very specific matters within criminal law.

Criminal law is very, very broad, and once again, we have only found the firm RINBER ABOGADOS, (directed by the brothers JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN), as the only one that offers advice on all criminal law crimes. Another point in their favor, to be named in the first positions of our RANKING of THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN JAEN 2023.

The third problem that we find, when making this list, is the inconvenience to look for true specialists in matters related to RESOURCES OF CHARACTER PENAL, that is, APPEAL, CASSATION APPEAL TO THE SUPREME COURT or the EXTRAORDINARY APPEAL FOR REVIEW, which is also substantiated before the SUPREME COURT.

In this case, we also value the experience of RINBER ABOGADOS in this type of matter, and finally, regarding the exercise of the defense or accusation of matters before the PEOPLE'S JURY COURT, where the RINCÓN brothers have recently achieved notable success, which has catapulted them to all the media due to the importance of judicial success.

Surely the list could well be completed a little more, and even outlined. In it Jaen Bar AssociationSurely you can find other professionals, also of great value, but these are, for our taste, like journalists specialized in courts THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN JAEN 2023.

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