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Andalusia may well benefit from having among its lawyers two of the best criminal lawyers in Spain, for this year 2021, (As we already published at the time). JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, (directors of RINBER ABOGADOS PENALISTAS), for the second consecutive year enter the select club of the best lawyers in our country. Next, we are going to present a list of those that, from our point of view, (as journalists accustomed to covering current affairs in courts, of a criminal nature), are the best criminal lawyers in Andalusia, but first allow us a comment regarding the publication of others ANDALUSIA LAWYERS RANKING.



It is true that when someone has a legal problem, perhaps their first impulse is to go online to try to search for best lawyer. It is legal and normal. But to us, as court journalists, it has caught our attention, when preparing the documentation for the writing of this article, that what the Internet offers when asked about the best law firms in Andalusia, are a series of articles, which establishes the greater or lesser value of a law firm, focusing exclusively on the law firm's billing.

Seeing is believing!! It doesn't matter what the office earns, if what I want is the best lawyer in Andalusia!!. Well, in the ranking of lawyers in Andalusia, which we are going to propose to you, we are going to avoid the billing of the proposed law firm, and we are going to focus, on what we consider to be most important, the value of the different candidates for be part of our list of the best criminal lawyers in Andalusia.   

Who are the best criminal lawyers in Andalusia?

We are going to focus only on the specialty of criminal law in Andalusia, since in our professional work as court journalists, it is what we know and what we cover in our newspaper. We know who are the most frequent in local and regional newspapers, newspapers and television, (Canal Sur television), and who are those who handle the most media issues.

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It is true that, perhaps, some of what we propose do not sound familiar to you, as much as others, but the criminal lawyer It is a “very particular species” within the exercise of the profession, and although we know of some cases of famous criminal lawyers, a little eccentric, (and we don't need to give names to know who we are referring to), in general they are professionals who try to go unnoticed by the general public, but of course, not in front of us, who are in daily life of the courts of the community of Andalusia. 

Within criminal law, the list of the best criminal lawyers in Andalusia is made up of the following: 


Javier Rincón Best Criminal Lawyer in Spain
Javier Rincón Best Criminal Lawyer in Spain

Vocational lawyer, 46 years old, chosen among the best criminal lawyers in the country. Called to defend or prosecute in criminal law cases, throughout Spain. Close and accessible. Sportsman. Marathon runner. Disciplined and in constant search for professional success. Easy to find your phone on the internet. Collaborator for Antena 3 and Televisión Española, (TVE), where he lends his opinions to the legal cases generated by the news. 


Twin brother and partner of the previous one, with whom he makes a “PERFECT” tandem. Famous criminal lawyer, also a regular in the ranking of the most famous criminal lawyers in our country. Always willing to give advice, (weekends included). Tireless worker. Television collaborator. Currently, together with his brother, they have their own legal affairs program in 101TV.  



A veteran criminal lawyer at the end of his professional career, he is over 70 years old. Living history of the criminal lawyers of your city. He continues to do his best running his law firm, where many famous people who we see every day on popular television programs have paraded and continue to do so. 


Multidisciplinary lawyer who combines the practice of criminal law with other branches of law. Specialist in matters related to gender violence and assistance to detainees.  


Lawyer who practices both criminal law and civil law. Specialist in criminal law, in issues related to quick trials (alcoholemia), and trials for minor crimes, with a significant number of successful cases in these matters of criminal law.


It is a multidisciplinary firm (they direct matters from various branches of law), with a work team that combines experience and youth. Reference in your area in criminal defense related to FOREIGNERS and RESIDENCE PERMITS issues. Several of his professional successes have appeared in the newspapers of his province. 

It is true, perhaps, that the proposed list could have been a little more extensive. Yeah. We recognize it. And it is true (that, for example, only in Malaga there are almost ten thousand lawyers), that we have not cited lawyers from each of the eight cities of Andalusia, (HuelvaCadizSevilleMalagaGrenadeJaenCordova and Almeria), but with the magnificent communications that exist in the region, (for example), the aforementioned lawyers who have office in Malaga and Grenade, (JAVIER and MANUEL RINCÓN BERNAL, from RINBER ABOGADOS PENALISTAS), may well serve cities like JAENCORDOVA either ALMERIA, as also occurs with the aforementioned office of Seville, For example.

It is not that there are no competent lawyers in those cities (there surely are), but rather than knowing them first-hand, we have preferred to make a list of them. the best criminal lawyers in Andalusia, more limited and thus avoid making the mistake of appointing someone who we have not verified.  

If for any reason you wish to contact us so that we can clarify any issue in relation to this list, we are at your entire disposal.

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