Best Criminal Lawyers in Almería 2024

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Looking for the best criminal lawyer in Almería?. Do you want to know the RANKING OF THE BEST LAWYERS IN ALMERÍA?. Well, first, allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are a legal newspaper, made up of JOURNALISTS SPECIALIZED IN CRIMINAL COURTS, (where the best criminal lawyers in Almería), and we cover all NEWS related to CRIMINAL TRIAL. Hence we know and know what they are THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN ALMERÍA, to transfer that list to you, so that it is easier for you to locate the best professional for your case. 

Best Criminal Lawyers in Almería 2024

Without further delay, we go on to explain the list that we offer you: 


The presentation of this criminal lawyer is simple. JAVIER along with his brother MANUEL, are considered by multiple publications, THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN SPAIN.

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Born in Malaga, they have law firm in Malaga, Granada and in Almeria, since it is very common to find it at the headquarters of the Criminal Courts of Almería, celebrating trials of character penal. Accessible and friendly. Brilliant on platforms. Very high ability to convince in court.

A real super class. He combines his role as a court lawyer and as a lawyer when it comes to lending his legal point of view in different national television programs such as ANTENA 3 or TELEVISIÓN ESPAÑOLA, (TVE), in highly recognized morning programs such as “LAS Mañanas de “TVE.” He runs, together with his brother, what they themselves call “LEGAL BOUTIQUE”, that is, they themselves supervise their affairs, they never delegate to an intern, (or as they are now called), “junior” lawyers.

At the forefront of the best criminal lawyers in Almería and the country. Important information, the prices of your firm are more than adjusted, for the magnificent results they generate. Passionate about difficult cases and serious causes. HOMICIDES, MURDERS, CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC HEALTH, (drug trafficking), ORGANIZED GANGS and MONEY LAUNDERING, are their most worked crimes. Basically, the most serious issues.   


Similar letter of introduction to that of his twin brother. A true “crack of law”. Publications such as the prestigious MUNDIARIO newspaper, describe it as “MEMBER OF THE SELECTED CLUB OF THE BEST CRIMINALS IN THE COUNTRY”. He competes with his brother to become THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYER IN SPAIN. He also lends his legal knowledge to talk shows on different television networks. Always available. ECONOMIC CRIMES, MATTERS BEFORE THE JURY COURT, and SERIOUS CAUSES BEFORE THE PROVINCIAL COURT OF ALMERÍA, are his specialty. 

Nabil El Meknassi Barnosi. Founder of MEKNASSIA ALMERIA. 

Young lawyer of North African origin, he has 15 years of professional experience working as a criminal lawyer. Mainly focused on the defense of matters in which Moroccan compatriots are involved, among which the defense of cases related to immigration, injuries and matters related to crime against public health stands out.

Accompanied in his office by two junior lawyers, who serve as support in the processing of criminal law files. Office that brings together youth with the desire to do things well. If you are involved in issues in which people from Morocco may be involved (who may have problems with the Spanish language), this is undoubtedly your criminal law firm in Almería

Antonio Martin de los Reyes. Founder of M de los R, ALMERÍA  

Antonio is the founder of the firm that bears his name. Already a lawyer, with some experience, not in vain, he has been carrying out his professional activity since 1990, that is, for 32 years. He stands out for leading a professional, multidisciplinary office. However, apart from processing matters of different matters. He stands out in criminal law, for the defense of crimes related to gender violence (mistreatment), non-payment of alimony, crimes related to driving motor vehicles (alcoholemia) and matters related to immigration. Antonio is recognized as one of the best criminal lawyers in Almería.  

Rachid Mohamed Hammu. Founder LAZZAR LAWYERS, ALMERÍA 

Practicing lawyer since 2003. He has a professional office in both Almería and Melilla. His latest data on academic training within criminal law are obtaining a master's degree in TRAFFIC LAW and ROAD SAFETY, in Granada, and the title of university expert in FOREIGN LAW. Rachid has important professional achievements within “Criminal Compliance”, the company's criminal law.

Rachid has recognized publications in prestigious legal journals related to the STATUTE OF THE COMMUNITY CITIZEN. He has participated in the organization of legal meetings such as the one held in Granada; “Hispanic Moroccan meeting on criminal law.” Rachid comes from a tax career. One of the best criminal lawyers in Almería.   


An all terrain". He runs a multidisciplinary office (in which different branches of law are involved). As criminal lawyer from Almería, stands out for his knowledge in matters related to TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS, from the point of view of criminal law, as well as TRIAL FOR MINOR CRIMES and FOREIGN matters. Has a professional office in Huercal Olvera although it also provides its services in Almeria capital. 

This list, despite being composed, almost entirely, of criminal lawyers from Almería capital, is also valid for all judicial districts of Almeria, as they are: BerjaHuercal Olverasea rocksVelez Rubio and Purchena.  

We hope that the list that we have presented meets your expectations in searching for the best criminal lawyer from Almería. Without a doubt, it is possible, (although we doubt it), that we have left some criminal lawyer from Almería, one of the “TOP” ones in our portfolio. At the outset, we apologize for this circumstance, but it is clear that the ones we present to you are, without a doubt, the best.

Not in vain as journalists of criminal courts, we know who are the most common in the Courts and who, in addition to being common, get all the successes, and therefore, deserve the title of the best criminal lawyers in Almería

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