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Best criminal lawyer in Malaga

Who is he better criminal lawyer from Malaga?. Well, this article about the best criminal lawyer in malaga, but rather, it would be, (if the expression is allowed), a dialogue, and it is, since we refer to the rincón brothers, Javier rincón bernal and his inseparable, alter ego, Manuel rincón bernal, and we explain ourselves. 

Every year since this writing of legal information began, we carry out a detailed ranking of who are the best criminal lawyers in Spain. And for a few years now, these people from Malaga have been number 1 in the list of the best criminal lawyers in our country. 

Best criminal lawyer in Malaga
Best criminal lawyer in Malaga

In this article of ours, (best criminal lawyers in Spain), you can Check exhaustive and objective ranking, of those who are for us, the best defenders in the country, who will surely be known to you. Well, they are for the general public. 

In addition, we are satisfied that our list of the best and most famous lawyers is shared by another series of prestigious publications, which name not only these twin brothers as the best, but also the rest of the lawyers that we propose as the most influential, within their lists. That makes us think that our list is fair, correct and real, which was and is our objective. 

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The prestigious newspaper "el confidential" has corroborated this in some of its publications, in which it has highlighted Javier and Manuel rincón, as the best criminal lawyers in Spain.   

The well-known legal and court news magazine, "economist and iuris", has also confirmed the brilliant professional career of these malaga criminal lawyers, in its publication: "the secret to being among the best criminal lawyers in Spain”. 

At the Andalusian level, the Almería newspaper "NOTICIAS DE ALMERÍA" also places Javier rincón as the "best criminal lawyer in Spain”.

This recognition, not only as best criminal lawyer in malaga, but being as it is, at a national level, it is not a flash in the pan. Even before this lawyer reached the top level of our ranking of the best, already in 2015 he was well known and covered the media on television channels nationwide, echoing among others in the world newspaper, where they talked about the fame to which lawyers jump. best criminal lawyers.  

We could well continue citing communication media that support the deserved title of best criminal lawyer in malaga for these lawyers from Malaga, Javier and Manuel Rincón, but we have found this sample of data to be sufficient, which is very clarifying. 

Sooner than later from the writing of legal information, we will begin to prepare our list of the best criminal lawyers, for the year 2023. As always, it will be an extensive and exhaustive list, where it will be possible to verify with solvency who are the ones who are. It is true, that there will surely be more, and that the list could be something larger or longer, but as the proverb says, they are all who are and there are all who are. 

Until the next publication, a pleasure to have your reading time. 

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