Best Criminal Lawyer Fuengirola 2023


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Best Criminal Lawyer Fuengirola 2023

Although from the outside, Fuengirola can be seen as a town, the only thing it has as a town fuengirola are the judicial facilities, where the criminal courts, (investigation courts), where the Fuegirola criminal lawyers, facilities that look like they are from the 70s. For everything else, Fuengirola is a large coastal city with a volume of criminal trials very important. 

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Better Criminal lawyer Fuengirola 2023

Fuengirola Courts

To get the details right, the Fuengirola courts They were inaugurated in 1974, so they are on their way to turning 50 years old. Since then, they have undergone some reforms and renovations to adapt to current needs, but they can still be considered as facilities with a certain age.

We wanted to comment with him best criminal lawyer in Fuengirola, (the RINCÓN brothers; Javier and Manuel Rincon), directors of RINBER, criminal lawyers, which have been the most relevant cases of recent times in the Fuengirola courts, and they refer us to the following: 

In 2014, a case of animal abuse occurred in which 18 dead dogs were found in a chalet in the area. The owner of the dogs was accused of animal abuse and sentenced to 10 months in prison. With the new criminal legislation, (the best criminal lawyer in Fuengirola), the sentence would have been much higher. 

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In 2017, a corruption case occurred in the Fuengirola City Council in which several politicians were accused of bribery and influence peddling. The case is still in judicial process.

In 2019, there was a case of gender violence in which a man killed his partner at their home in Fuengirola. The man was arrested and is currently in prison awaiting trial. This is the typical case to be processed by the best homicide lawyer in Spain

Well, it seems appropriate to know the different options that we propose so that you can. Get in touch with him best criminal lawyer Fuengirola. It is important, when oneself or a family member faces an accusation for a crime, to have the best criminal lawyer, to avoid very unpleasant surprises.


Whenever we make a ranking, (as the case may be), best criminal lawyer Fuengirola, we advance our article, with which we consider, from our point of view, (not in vain we are the most important legal and court magazine in Spain), the best criminal lawyers from the city. Thus, from our journalistic criteria, specialized in courts and tribunals, number 1 and number 2 of the best criminal lawyers in Fuengirola, they are for JAVIER RINCON BERNAL and MANUEL RINCON BERNAL, which in turn are considered among the best penalty shooters in Spain.  

It happens in Fuengirola, as well as in Torremolinos, which, being coastal cities, are friendly cities to everyone who arrives, passing through there, including their law courts from all over the country. That is why sometimes, (let's put it that way), these outside lawyers slightly overshadow the city lawyers. 

Another important effect to consider, with regard to criminal proceedings, is that any relevant criminal matter will ultimately end up being decided in a criminal court in Malaga capital, so in many cases it is more interesting to hire a malaga criminal lawyer that one in Fuengirola so that the trial can later take place in Malaga. 

Gómez luna lawyers

At number 3 and 4 in our ranking for the best criminal lawyer Fuengirola, it is also for two brothers, Jesús and Africa Gómez Luna, from gómez luna lawyers, who run a young and multidisciplinary firm, in which they supervise all branches of law, including criminal law. 

We believe that these 4 lawyers may be for you. He best criminal lawyer Fuengirola.

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