Interior and Equality analyze the reinforcement of protocols and tools against gender violence


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New strategies have been discussed for the reinforcement of protocols and tools against gender violence. The actions taken between the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Equality aim to more effectively defend victims of gender violence.

The defense and reinforcement of protocols was the result of the Work meeting between representatives of both ministries. On the one hand, Fernando Grande-Marlaska as Minister of the Interior and Irene Montero as Minister of Equality.

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Interior and Equality analyze the reinforcement of protocols and tools against gender violence
Interior and Equality analyze the reinforcement of protocols and tools against gender violence

Meeting between the Ministers of the Interior and Equality

Last June of this year, a meeting was held between the Ministers of the Interior and Equality. The main objective was clear, to analyze the mechanisms of reinforcement of protocols and tools against gender violence.

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The reasons are presented to the exponential increase in femicides and murders of sexist origin between the months of May and June. 

In representation of the Ministry of Equality The government delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, also attended, along with the Secretary of State for Equality, Noelia Vera.

By the Ministry of Interior María Jesús Cantos, head of the Area against Gender Violence, was present. Together with José Antonio Rodríguez, renowned General Director of Coordination and Studies.

All representatives of both departments agreed on give higher priority to the detection of areas of Cooperation. Along with the improvement of tools that prioritize the protection, guarantees and security of the rights for victims of gender violence.

Such aforementioned rights are included in the Organic Law 1/2004 on Protective Measures in the fight against Gender Violence. Additionally, the commitment established in the State Pact against Gender violence.

The State Pact is a means of representation for all actors and institutions that fight against sexist violence. Thus being an effective means to establish a path towards eradication of structural violence against women.

Without ignoring the important emphasis placed on the protection of boys and girls who suffer the consequences of gender violence.

“A collaboration based on facts”

Thanks to the Ministry of the Interior, it has been possible to establish in the first half of June, a reinforcement in state security forces. The supply of materials and integration of new resources human rights has been significant in the fight against gender violence.

In the innovations section you have the operation of the VioGén System, explained by Grande-Marlaska and her personal team. It is currently dependent on the Ministry of the Interior and has a staff of 36,000 active professionals working.

The VioGén System has kept under protection more than 63,000 women, along with their sons and daughters alike. Since its consolidation, the system has collected more than 639,000 cases of gender violence.

To date, 4.8 million risk assessments have been registered regarding reported cases.

System Improvements

Since 2018, the Comprehensive Monitoring System for cases of gender violence has not stopped its improvements. Prioritizing the maintenance of a strategic position in the fight against femicides and domestic violence.

The national police structure It has been strengthened and prepared to address the different cases of gender violence. All thanks to the incorporation of new police forces and the inclusion of the civil guard in specialized units.

On June 3 of this year, the last inclusion recorded of police reinforcements to the state force. This was due to the new increase granted by the Secretary of State for Security in terms of human resources and intelligence materials.

Thus vindicating their position in the fight against gender violence by the State Security Forces.

The Ministry of the Interior has highlighted its efforts with the implementation of the Form Zero for this year. Its objective will be to take advantage of the testimony offered by relatives or people close to a woman who is a victim of domestic abuse.

Such declarations will only be necessary to put part of the police protection and help mechanisms into operation. Developing an in-depth case study even if the woman decides not to make statements of complaints to her attacker.

State Pact Against Gender Violence

The Ministry of Equality has cooperative work to launch the Improvement and Modernization Plan. This is a set of strategies aimed at optimizing the mechanisms of care for victims of gender violence.

It is part of the reinforcement of the State Pact and location of all possible failures that the system has to detect cases. To seek possible prevention methods and consolidate means of protection for women victims of violence.

As a result, it is expected preparation of a proposal that jointly improves the institutions that make up the State Pact. In addition to calling on the entities and other political parties included in said pact.

The role of the Government has been to commit to establishing the permanence of the State Pact against Gender violence. Institutionalizing and extending the pact beyond 2022 as its validity would have been planned.

During these weeks the approval is planned in the Sectoral Equality Conference, a monetary deposit of 100 million euros. The same would be destined for the CCAA and other Autonomous Cities so that they can finance their projects linked to the fight against violence.

Both Ministries of the Interior and Equality showed interest in strengthen the coordination of both institutions. This is with the aim of greater monitoring of all cases of sexist violence reported in the country.

Concluding his meeting by calling on all of society in general. They recommend involvement in the detection and reporting of all possible cases of gender violence.

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